“The Art of Barbering”


When our professional clientele visit our grooming establishment, they are looking for a personal time with their barber. Our clients are looking to unwind, unplug, and destress . This is one of the reasons why The Grooming Parlor Barber Spa is unique and caters to a high-end clientele. Besides the art of mastering great haircuts, shaves and beard trims, they are also known to be psychologists. Barbers give their clients confidence, therapy and a peace of mind.

Our Master Grooming Attendant Nissan Ballard would say, put your mobile devices away and practice self care.  As a Barber, it is a duty to listen to our clients; to remember their style of haircut, remember their name and to make sure they look their best.

It has been a pleasure to work with all my clients and we are her for the long haul!

Nissan Ballard
Master Grooming Attendant