Hair shows and Ongoing Education


Starting as a Barber is one accomplishment, but maintaining the business is another step. As an experienced barber, you learn what works in the industry, and what doesn’t. At The Grooming Parlor Barber Spa, we learned what our target market is, how we want to market to our clients and what type of services to offer.

To start, barbers need to have continuing education in their field. That includes staying current on the style trends such as Smooth Fades, Healthy Beards, Business management and Product knowledge. The Premier International Hair Show in Orlando Florida is the hair show we visit to stay current on new techniques and tools.

Second, as a Barber, you have to use the right products and tools. Nowadays, there are so many grooming products that have unnatural ingredients that can be bad for your clients. At the shop, we make and retail our very own organic grooming products for the hair, skin and beard known as “The Connoisseur Grooming Squad”.

Third, as a company, you always want to create a productive barbershop culture, and you want to develop financial growth. You don’t want to be the barber with no clientele. You want to be the Barber that is booked out for weeks with a very high demand for your services. One major component of our concept at The Grooming Parlor Barber Spa is that we are by appointment only, and we cater to a high end market. We have a state of the art facility that brings back the nostalgic barbershop feel so clients can relax and enjoy their barbershop experience.

Fourth, you have to invest in yourself! You cannot provide high quality services without adequate tools and products. You have to always maintain your clippers, shears and attachments. We found that the Andis Masters, Oster Fast Feed and the Wahl 5 star Seniors are the best clippers in our barbershop.

Lastly, your marketing has to be on point! You want to make sure that your Facebook has a great amount of reviews, your Google directs your clients exactly where they need to go and the hours of operation. And most importantly, you want to make sure that you are neat and well groomed as a barber. 

Master Grooming Attendant
Nissan Ballard

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