How to pick a professional barber



        When I transitioned my business concept in 2006, The Grooming Parlor Barber Spa, I had the vision of creating a shop that would allow men to get a professional haircut in a relaxing and upscale venue that offers exceptional services in a gentlemen's old fashion barbering atmosphere.  Back in history, barbers were known to perform surgery and dentistry. Through time, they use their skill sets with the development of straight razors, to maintain grooming habits, and specialize in cutting men’s hair.

          Picking a barber is a decision- and you have to choose wisely. Nowadays, many men that I know of, would just go to any closest barbershop to get their haircut. One of the things that they don’t realize is that they often get different people to cut their hair, in which they have to explain over and over again how they like it done. When you tell a barber, “Just a little trim”, they can mean so many different things to different stylist, and they don’t keep your hair consistent. Every gentleman needs to have a reliable, skilled barber in his life. Having a regular barber will ensure that you get a sharp haircut every visit, the same way you wanted.

So, the real question is:  How do you know if your barber is a keeper?

  • Make sure you search online and through their social media. You need to see if they have Facebook reviews, Google reviews, and pictures of the cuts. You also want to make sure to read those reviews and see if they have good or bad reviews.

  • Ask for personal recommendations: Make sure that you ask around town who is the best barber, and why they are as good as they say.

  • Call in: See if they will be willing to take you on a tour of the facility, and if they are friendly on the phone.

  • Is he or she, confident? This man or woman will be cutting your hair: so see if they are confident in who they are and their skills. Confident barbers will be able to explain the process of the haircut, look at you in the eye, give you a firm handshake, and smile. A barber will be able to tell you if the style you are looking for fits your structure.

  • The Barber: Is he groomed? How is his personal grooming? Is he pressed, and clean? Pay attention to your barber. Does he asks the right questions about the haircut?

  • The Shop: Is it clean? The shop should be conducive to your lifestyle and have the aesthetics and amenities to cater to your specific lifestyle and taste.

After you ask yourself these questions, make sure to start small. Selecting a Barber is a big decision- they groom and cut your hair which is part of your physical confidence.

At The Grooming Parlor Barber Spa, we make sure that we provide the best service, and we are very confident that you will leave wanting to come back.

Nissan Ballard
Master Grooming Attendant