Connoisseur 4-IN-1 Grooming Bar


 The Connoisseur 4-in-1 Grooming Bar

    The sole purpose of our bar is to cleanse your skin of all toxins, oils, perspiration and impurities. It tones and strips the skin by alleviating the surface of dead cells, which may make the skin look dull when they accumulate. Cleansing also activates blood circulation, lymph glands and stimulates the skin-renewal process when performed properly. It also deep-cleans pores, eliminating infection-causing bacteria.

     We recommend that you use our tea tree peppermint grooming bar twice daily,

every morning and every night for healthier skin and to eliminate ingrown hairs.

Our 4 in 1 Grooming Bar can also be used to shampoo your head, beard, cleanse your body, or shave. Its organic, contains shea butter and olive oil for conditioning properties.

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Nissan Ballard
Master Grooming Attendant